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Cruise the deep-cut fjords along the fabled Norwegian coast. Sail across the Arctic Circle to the northernmost reaches of the continent where the midnight sun bathes the spectacular coastline in light 24 hours a day. Then follow the path of Vikings from Nordic splendor to Scottish wonder. This is an unparalleled exploration in the wake of great explorers, from the ancient merchant streets of Bergen to tiny hamlets tucked into magnificent and pristine fjords, from the far-north beauty of North Cape to the remote outposts of Scotland’s Shetland and Orkney Islands. Two economic powerhouses, one past and one present, bookend your journey: Bergen, where the Hanseatic League once bolstered Baltic trade, and Edinburgh, where medieval glory mingles with classic beauty. Our ship size lets us slip into smaller ports, so you’ll enjoy the most intimate access.

Below is the itinerary for the Into the Midnight Sun cruise, traveling from Bergen to London. For additional details, view the complete itinerary.

Day 1 | Bergen, Norway
Day 2 | Bergen, Norway
Day 3 | Geiranger, Norway
Day 4 | Kristiansund, Norway
Day 5 | Inside Passage

Day 6 | Tromsø, Norway
Day 7 | Honningsvåg, Norway
Day 8 | Bodø, Norway
Day 9 | Brønnøysund, Norway
Day 10 | Ålesund, Norway

Day 11 | Shetland Islands (Lerwick), Scotland
Day 12 | Orkney Islands (Kirkwall), Scotland
Day 13 | Edinburgh (Rosyth), Scotland
Day 14 | Cruise the North Sea
Day 15 | London (Harwich), England
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