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Discover the jewels of southern Spain one
mouthwatering bite and sip at a time.
Travel the south coast of Spain, exploring its rich culinary and wine traditions hosted by America’s most respected importers of fine Spanish wines, Stephen Metzler and Almudena de Llaguno, founders of Classical Wines. Involved with key players from their formative stages, Classical Wines is recognized as an international pioneer in the category - featuring a portfolio of the best wines of Spain such as Tinto Pesquera.

Enjoy over 40 special themed events & activities
Experts of Spanish wines, Stephen Metzler and Almudena de Llaguno and sommelier host two wine paired dinners and wine lectures
Complimentary local wines served throughout the voyage
Complimentary daily pre-dinner wine tasting and tapas
Choice of two complimentary culinary and wine themed excursions